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Phoenix 2023-10-11
Xypher 2010-08-10
Tabun 2009-08-09
Dr. Jones 2006-08-15
Makou 2005-03-28
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Q: Why have rules?
A: Due to a recent bout of general lameness on our game servers, we have instated the following guidelines.
Break too many, and you will probably get your butt kicked, or worse...
Repeat offenders may be warned, kicked, and then banned, in that order.
The rules are subjective; everything will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The rules are there to preserve the fun, not to ruin it! Don't be too worried or about breaking a single one of them, or see them as some kind of strict regime - just be mindful of others and help keep things fun for everyone.

Serverlist F.A.Q.

Q: How can I get my server listed here?
A: Please register on the forums, and send a PM to Phoenix with your server's IP address. Your server MUST be dedicated, show up in server browsers such as Gamespy Arcade, be on a fast connection and must be up most of the time.

Q: How often are the server stats updated?
A: The severs are updated with every page load. This page is driven by QStat, a command-line server-browsing utility. The code on this page sends a command to qstat on the webserver, which then outputs the information it recieves and prints it on the page.

Q: Who wrote this script, and where can I find it?
A: It was written by Specter1337. You can find it on his site, or by navigating through the links section of the QStat Homepage.