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Yes, there is a Lost Soul of Vengeance on this level, IF you can find it. ;)
Yes, there is a Lost Soul of Vengeance on this level, IF you can find it. ;)

Earth DM 040504
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Tabun's .plan

Last updated: 2009-08-09 12:25:16


Current plan: (2009-08-09)

Wow--but this time for another reason. I haven't updated the plan, or indeed done much Generations work, in a long while. Well, here's a small update, then.

I'm currently working on my remake of the DoomII Entryway (d2map01). Coming along nicely, and I'll probably have it done in a few weeks at the most.

Next real Generations work in the planning is another huge job: rigging and animating extra stances (for BFGs, knives, grenades, etc.) for all the player models in Q3. To be honest, I'm not looking forward to it. It really helps the looks of the mod, but it's still fairly unrewarding and annoying work. Oh well, to be taken one step at a time..

Old plan:


Wow. I've been working pretty much non-stop on Generations stuff this summer. The stretch of time available for Gen-work is drawing to a close, however, which means that I'll probably revert back to "pixel procrastinator" for a while. Nevertheless, I've done as much as I could the last few months, and unless I'm very much mistaken, Generations is pretty much done in terms of models, skins and animations*. Art-wise there's still muzzle flashes and various other sprites to be made or to be considered for re-makes, but all the weapons and items are done. Depending on how and whether we'll make new HUDs, I might be able to make myself useful there, too.

(* there is, however, still a lot of coding to be done to finalize Generations. It's not likely that I can be of much help to Phoenix in that department.)

The promotion video is out there and those who've commented it seem to like what they see and look forward to the final release -- as do we. :)

One of the bigger projects that still remains for me, is the ongoing search for good maps. We've got a big list of possible maps that our beta-testers should be discussing rather more actively than they're doing now, but we've already got a few maps that look hot, play well, and will make it into the next mappack. If you know or make a good one, let us know.

Updated list of things I should be working on, or will, eventually:

  • Proper HUDs for all classes (bitmap fonts, the whole shebang)


Long time no update. That is because I was -- again -- for quite some time rather inactive, in regards to Generations. Studying is tough going, but fulfilling. I'm more or less taking a break between semesters, hopefully not hurting my progress (and grades ;)) too much, and doing some work for Generations.

Earth weapon animations are coming along nicely, although Max quirks are once again making it harder than it probably needs to be. At this time, only the flamer, knife and grenade need to be animated. Then, all Generations weapons will be done. Leaving some tweaking aside, ofcourse.

On the side, I'm also editing Generations' menu. The old logos have been replaced with ones more in line with our current style, and the whole UI is getting a subtle make-over.

That's about it for now. Soon, I will probably have to do some work on green armor models, hopefully before I run out of time.


A lot has been happening again, Generations-wise.

Doom animations are getting done left and right. Admittedly, lots of tweaking is required, but that was to be expected. These animations are just a little harder to set up than those at Q2's lower, more forgiving, framerate. An added difficulty is the translation of a sprite-animation with very little explicit information, to a very detailed vertex-animation, while still capturing the motion that is implicit, as suggested by the original sprites. Fun to do nonetheless, but the pain-in-the-neck-factor is certainly there.

I'm also currently prospecting maps for the next mappack. The Q3 community hasn't been sitting still, which is a good sign. A lot of mappers have been releasing or improving beta's to finals and known good mappers have practically turned pro.

A small project on the side is the Quake 2 (light) Guard as a plug-in player model. Very Stroggish, I should think. I think it shows well that I've come a long way since my first modeling attempts for Generations. One of the things I still suck at is meshing for deformation/rigging. Somehow the hip joint is always giving me trouble. Doing stuff like this really helps one to fully admire 3D CG talent out there..


As you may have noticed, I have been 'taking five (months)'. With time available to me now, I am able to resume Generations work.

Obviously, the site was redesigned (as announced in my previous plan update) and it has been running well for some time now. Recently I've also updating my own site. This means on the web-side of things, we are running smoothly now. ;]

I'm now working on (nearly finished), finally, on the Strogg explosion. With the new machinegun animated that makes for a full house: all Strogg animations are done. I think I will revisit some of them to make them less clunky, not all animations look good to me as they are. You, dear reader, can probably not judge or know this, but take my word for it.

Aside from that, I'm also modelling a new doom head, which will make the transparent-visor or no-helmet doom users among you slightly happier, no doubt.

Because I'm on a modelling spree, I'm now seriously considering giving the Q3 BFG a makeover. I'll make some sketches and throw them in the Generations forum, so you can all join us in making something groovy.


Working on a new layout for the wirehead site. Yup, that's right, there will be a fresh new layout. In fact, there will be the possibility to select a colour scheme (if you are a member on our messageboards)!

I'm currently converting information and code on the site to fit the new design. In fact, I'm typing this plan to test changes to the plan script.
It won't be long now..


The animations for Slipgate class are pretty much done. They're a lot less complex than the Strogg viewport animations, so it was about time. At least, they're simpler from the modelers point of view, because codewise they were quite demanding; I'm sure Phoenix will inform you of his endaevours therewith.

Doom and Earth animations are pending, but they'll require some planning and coding before we can be on our merry way. Nevertheless, I'm still confident that Gen is growing fine as ever.

Note that the 'itemstatus' link above is now updated to show animation-progress aswell.

A few things that were announced have been completed, such as the Enforcer model, although the jury is still out on whether or not it will be included with the next Generations-release.. And a few more of the team member's skins are done. I believe Angst is working on his own, which leaves only Dr. Jones' skins to be made. I'm considering doing some for beta-testers that are really lively on the servers, such as my buddy Alucard, but we make no promises; it wouldn't do to add tens of megabytes to an official release just for a lark.


In the past few months, work on Gen has resumed it's faster pace - Pho's kicking out code like nobody's business again and I've picked up my modelling/skinning thing again.

The biggest leap forward may well have been the animation of the Strogg weapons, which are now in-game and working like a charm. It was lovely to play with and to finally see these babies in action; Gen. 1.0 is looking ever closer, when you see an actual grenaded get twisted, instead of appearing out of nowhere.
Next up will be Slipgate's animations, which will be easier to do. (no hands, mom!)

Aside from animating, I've also done a few textures for ReBoOt (who at this point is about to release his req2dm2 map), and I have given slippy a new axe model and skin, aswell as a fresh set of shotguns.
The latter is good news, because it means Slipgate is now done, modelwise - no more placeholders or things we feel we need to fix - done, and ready for animating.

Then there's a whole lot of skins coming up in the next release: Major finally has some decent CTF R/B skins, aswell as some of the favourites from Quake 2 (stiletto, brianna etc). Also, I'm working on team-member skins which will help to recognize the ones who keep kicking your arse ;]

As a side-endeavour, I'm making a Q3 Player model based on the Quake 'Enforcer' - now skinning it, and will animate afterwards. Fun stuff, although it remains unclear if it can be legally released alongside Generations. (it would make a very nice Slipgate-class PM)


Well, .99e is completed for my part. I'll be joining in for a last bit of testing, but other than that I'm done. Phoenix has added all models and textures to the modbase and we're almost ready to roll out.

Last minute additions included the Doom powerups (all of them, now), which means the completion of the item modelling session that's been keeping me busy since work began on the .99d version. All armors, bonuses, health items, ammo and powerups have been adjusted to match the style of each class.

I've also made some class-based HUDs, which should help you feel more at home running around as Doom, Earth, Slipgate or Strogg. I've also taken the liberty to remove the annoying flicker-effect on the Arena HUD, so if that kept you from using the 'big' HUDs, you're ready to rock again in .99e. They're placeholders though, because we have big HUD plans for the next release...

There's still a long road ahead of us, and work just gets more interesting. I'll have to get cracking on the animations and that will require a lot of practice again - I've been getting quite rusty in that field. The Doom powerups were a good warmup, though.

Ofcourse, there's always a handful of things that will be shuffled in the general workload of the project. There's no doubt that some weapon models and/or skins will be redone our touched up. Perhaps we'll add class-based Quad models and proper class-based explosions.. who knows..

For now: Have fun with .99e! (in a bit)


Well, I've strayed from my planned path again. This time, instead of finishing the Doom powerup orbs, I decided to do some HUDs first. It's a known fact that Generations hasn't shown much in the way of HUD art, and perhaps the wait for 1.0 would be a bit long.
So, expect some nice looking placeholders to go with .99e.

Other than that, it's still crunchtime. Two more powerup orbs, and they're not coming along smoothly at all. I think I'll do less daring things with them than I had in mind, because time is definately running out. The good part: All the important powerups are done, so that's all good.


All armors and items are modelled and skinned, excepting the Doom powerups and Earth's beserk powerup.
We're getting closer to that 7 aug. deadline, and I'll need to have the stuff done well before then, otherwise Phoenix won't have time to place the models in the mod. So far, I'm on schedule, and I do the work in order based on priority.

If you didn't think powerups were interesting, think again - Doom's old babies are back! Great fun making 'em, and they should add some spice to Doom's selection of items.

VERY old

Well, what is my .plan?
Let's see...

Very little remains in the way of Gen. item-creation. Phoenix is slaving hard to get the slipgate weapons the needed do-over, and soon there will be a skinned grenadelauncher, be sure of that.

Apart from that, I'm sketching my arse off for the Doom powerups. After the items are updated, modelling those will be next on the list. Also, the Doom armors will be modelled and skinned, and Strogg will get 2 new models & skins for powerups.