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Home of the $5 bagel.
Home of the $5 bagel.

WireHead Quakecon 2003
I love Generations Arena because...
46 different weapons
Classic deathmatch action
My class can beat up your class
It puts the "F" back in BFG
It's a little bit of everything I love
All of the above!

Registration Problems

It's come to my attention that people have been trying, unsuccessfully, to register on the message board.  A few weeks ago I discovered a problem in the email system for the site, and I think it's preventing people from activating once they register. If you've tried to register unsuccessfully, please send me a note to


with your desired username and email address and I'll register you and send you back a password which you can change once you're logged in.  Fill in the "at" and "dot" in the appropriate places of course.  Sorry for not providing a direct link, but I don't feel like getting spammed, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Occulus Rift Sells Out to Failbook

So why is this on Gen's front page?  I had thought about possibly coding in support for the Occulus Rift in Generations down the line.  Following this news it's not going to happen.  This is an ethical decision on my part as Failbook has a policy of permanently and irrevocably storing user's data with or without their consent.  Once on Failbook, always on Failbook.  I cannot, in good conscience, in any way support an organization with that track record in regards to user privacy.  In addition, Palmer Luckey sold out Occulus before even a single consumer unit was finished.  That's a kick in the balls to every single person that supported Occulus on Kickstarter.  Those were people that supported Occulus from the ground up and believed in what it could be, only to see the creator just pocket $2 billion, make up a lame excuse as to why he did it, and leave their project at the mercy of Zuckerberg's greed machine.

Wirehead may be non-existent on the "organizations that matter" list, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere, and I guarantee you this:  As long as I'm in charge of Generations, this sort of crap will never happen here.  Principles matter.


Even the most seasoned warrior of the Arenas makes mistakes beyond the usual explosives-related variety.  Here we managed to catch Ranger with a less-than-optimal swing from his grapple.

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a Stroggy Christmas and a Fraggin' good New Year from the Wirehead team.  Hope you unwrapped some awesome stuff that makes you as happy as this guy!



Id's Master Server is Down

Several people have been reporting a "-1 servers" in the in-game browser.  This isn't a Generations bug.  This is due to Id's master server being offline or otherwise unreachable.  Normal Quake 3 Arena is affected by this as well.  It is still possible to locate servers for Quake 3 Arena by using a third-party program such as Qtracker or Xfire.  This affects regular Quake 3 Arena and all mods.  It is unknown when or whether the Quake 3 master server will come back online at all.  We'll let you know more as we find out about it.

Wirehead's Generations server is also temporarily offline, but this is only for maintenance.  It will be back up shortly and the address will be available through our Servers page on the website.

Registration Problems

If anyone has been having trouble registering on the site, we had a glitch in one of our anti-bot utilities.  It has been corrected, so please try to register again.

Double Whoops

We had more problems going on than I thought.  The server browser was broken, which explains why no servers at all were showing up.  This has been fixed, so servers are visible again.  Phoenix's Generations Server (that's me) is up in the US, and we're hoping to possibly have a new European server online soon.  If you have a server and you'd like it listed on our servers page, please let us know and we'll add it to the list!


It seems that after we had to repair some issues with the website we've had an old version of our downloads page in place.  This had some dead links to files and a few files missing.  This has been corrected so all files for Generations v.99f, including Tabun's model pack and the v.99f server patch are in place and available again.

Like a Certain Computer, We're Still Alive.

I thought of writing this in a clever song form, but I'm not verbally inspired right now so let me just say that to those who have been wondering, and I've seen some of the comments on Youtube, we're still very much alive.  Generations Arena is NOT dead, we're just in a phase of development where there's not much visually we can show off.  It's grunt work and it's time consuming.  So please, forgive the lack of news updates, but don't lose heart.  Just have a slice of delicious cake and we'll keep making neat guns.  Doom - Thumbs Up!