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Beeeelieve it or not, I'mmmm walking on air!
Beeeelieve it or not, I'mmmm walking on air!

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What's your favorite kind of frag?
Standard frags using weapons.
 [tally] 147
Forced cratering.
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One-shot room-clearing carnage (BFG + Quad, etc).
 [tally] 72
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Kamikaze grenade rush.
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RIP Jennell Jaquays

Jennell Jaquays (formerly Paul Jaquays) of Id Software fame passed away today, from complications of Guillain-Barré syndrome.  Jannell was 67.

Please take a moment out of your day to reflect on her life and pay respects to a departed friend.  Farewell, Jennell.  You will be missed.  Slipgate - Sad

Updating the Engine

Generations has been reliant on the Quake 3 executable for .99f and prior, and the internal test build has been using a custom version of the Quake 3 1.32b source code.  This was adequate but not optimal.  Other source ports such as IOQuake3 have greatly enhanced Quake 3's functionality on modern machines, and it was known that eventually Wirehead would want to take advantage of this.

This day has arrived.

Wirehead is adapting the IOQuake3 engine to support Generations going forward.  This transition will definitely require a bit of tweaking as there are many changes that have affected certain features Gen needs, such as the particle system and grey scale special effects for Doom and Earth's invulnerability.  Once these bugs are squashed it should be much easier to adapt Generations for use on Linux and MacOS as well since IOQuake3 has a pretty straight-forward compile process for these OS's.  This will also allow Generations to fully support 64-bit OS's and have much greater stability going forward.

Slipgate Open! Reinforcements incoming!


Portals are opening all over the place and a flood of Slipgate rangers from various divisions are pouring through!  The battle will be a tough one, but the Strogg threat has been greatly diminished with these new heroes fighting on to save the day.

Introducing: Quakeworld Colors!  The original Quake allowed you to choose a combination of shirt and pants  from 14 built in color selections.  We had a somewhat similar system hacked in for .99f, but it was time to step up to some real classic shaderizing.  The screenshot is an example of some combinations available.  In the full screenshot, we have identical shirt and pants colors on the top row, and differing colors on the bottom row.  Colors for the shirts on both rows (and pants on the top) are 0 through 13 going left to right, and pants on the bottom row are 0 through 13 going right to left.  Any combination of shirt and pants colors will be possible, just like in Quakeworld.

The Arenas have settled into an overall stalemate for now, with each faction rising and falling for position, but nobody claiming a definitive dominance - which is just how the Vadrigar planned it.  With all the desired combatants gathered, it's time to focus on improving the games themselves.  Wirehead will be working on fleshing out the menu system, restoring the Q3 single player campaign (with a twist), getting out the bug spray, and shining up the engine.  There's still a lot of work to be done, most of it under the hood, but rest assured Generations will keep revving along toward that release everyone's been craving!

Transmission Error ***ZZ!#!1.s$Ax7}?*`^***


OH NO!  THE WIREHEAD CREW HAS BEEN STROGGIFIED!!!  With the capture of the team, the Arenas are being overrun by the Strogg!  If the Makron succeeds in Stroggifying the Vadrigar, the implications are terrifying!  Can anyone save the day?  Maybe there's some hope...

The Strogg Invasion Continues...

Full Size

Six new combatants have been summoned to the Arenas to join the Strogg Ranks!  Formerly utilized as common guards, these particular units were a bit above-spec and were successful in eliminatng many marines before being ultimately claimed by the Vadrigar.  Though they still prefer the guns they were originally programmed for, their built-in prosthetics have been replaced with a standard cybernetic arm capable of handling any weapon, and they'll gladly use whatever they can find - or pry from your steaming corpse.

From left to right:

Light Guard, Shotgun Guard, Machinegun Guard, Laser Guard, Hyperblaster Guard, and Ripper Guard.

Watch out for that Laser Guard.  Since there's no laser in the Arena, he's taken a liking to the Railgun, and his aim is just as good as ever!

What's next?  Is the invasion over?  Not quite.

Time For Some Major Action!

Full Size

Full Size

Major and Daemia, both veterans of the Stroggos campaign, have joined the battle and are ready to kick some Strogg butt!  The Strogg invasion isn't quite over yet.

Commence Operation Alien Overlord

Full Size

Full Size

Bitterman has crash-landed in the Arenas, and is ready to slay any Strogg in his way!  More reinforcements will arrive soon.

Target Identified... Weapons Activated.

Full Size

Full Size

The Strogg have invaded the Arenas Eternal!  Tankjr spearheads the invasion with cybernetic precision.  Coalition forces will be arriving soon to counter-attack!

Wirehead Crew Qforcers


The Wirehead Crew has also joined the ranks of the Qforcers.  These are our personal skins, similar to ones available for the Ranger model.  From top left to bottom right:

WH-Phoenix, WH-ReBoOt, WH-Tabun

WH-Con, WH-Makou, WH-Jones

These will be available for anyone to use, but if you see one of us playing, watch out!  We'll be there to "enforce" you into having a good game.  Slipgate - Laugh

Slipgaters Are Here!

Full Size

The Slipgaters have arrived from dimensions unknown.  Strogg Troopers will be inbound soon.