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They had four people playing at one point
They had four people playing at one point

WireHead Quakecon 2003
I love Generations Arena because...
46 different weapons
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Classic deathmatch action
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My class can beat up your class
 [tally] 81
It puts the "F" back in BFG
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It's a little bit of everything I love
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All of the above!
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Preview Video for the Slipgate TA Weapons

A preview video is available on YouTube here:

Something Old, Something New

Hungry for something new to see?  Wirehead has been hard at work pushing 1.0 forward.  Most of the changes so far have been internal code modifications and those are hard to show, but we've finally got some new eye candy for you.  As promised, some more Team Arena goodness.  This time, for the Slipgaters.

First up, the Mjolnir.  This can be found anywhere an Arena Gladiator picks up a Nailgun.

Next is the Proximity Gun.  It's spawns wherever Arena Gladiators get their Prox Launcher, and works fairly similar, though Quake veterans will appreciate the differences.

Finally, we have the Laser Cannon.  Who needs a chaingun when you've got freakin' LASERS that bounce off walls?

More will be added to the gallery as we move forward, so stay tuned.

Remember to read the .plan section!

I've noticed people ask about the mod on Youtube and in the forums, but I think the .plan section is being completely overlooked.  Anyone that's not part of the internal beta test crew that's wanting to know what's going on in the development of Gen can do so by clicking on my .plan.  To get to it just go to the main website: then look at the .plan section on the left side of the page.  Click my name and you'll find a wealth of information on Gen's development progress.  If you have questions or concerns that Gen is not progressing or is somehow abandoned, please, read the .plan to see where we stand with things.

The Phoenix Nest

I have my Generations Arena server in the list on the site, but occasionally my IP address changes.  After some network hardware changes, this server is now visible on Qtracker, so anyone wishing to play .99f should be able to see it under the Internet Games section of Quake 3 Arena.  You'll want to play on The Phoenix Nest.  The Beta Test server is for internal beta testing only and is passworded to avoid connection issues.

In addition, I host the Clan MMA Quake 2 Rocket Arena 2 server.  The server is password protected to keep the games cheater free and friendly, and is also now visible on Qtracker.  The password is available on request to any forum members.  Just send me a PM if you're interested.

Quake Champions and Generations Arena

If you haven't seen it already, there's a new game announced at E3 called Quake Champions.  Video is here:

On the outside it's pretty obvious that it's going to be a high definition Quake 3 reboot of some sort, complete with Ranger and Visor already present.  I already know what some people are going to ask, and the answer at this time has to be "No".  Wirehead currently has no plans nor inclination to look at switching over to Quake Champions for Generations Arena.  Why?  There are several reasons.

First, not enough is known about the game.  We've seen some characters and a few weapons.  We have not seen all minimum characters necessary to round out the Generations set.  Doom, Sarge, and Grunt would have to be present, and our familiar characters so far are only Visor and a Quakeguy.  Due to intellectual property concerns, these characters would have to be present in able to create their character classes properly.

Second, there's no guarantee the game will even support mods or private servers.  If it can't be modded then it can't be modded.  Something like Snapmap wouldn't be enough.  It would require full mod support that's been present in previous Id titles.  Private server support would also be a must, as there's no guarantee Id or Bethesda would host mods.  There's no point in modding if people don't have servers to play on.

Third, Wirehead only has firm permission to create Generations Arena for Quake 3 Arena.  We do not know if such permission would extend to another game or if we would have to go through the entire contact process again with Id.  Besides that, it may be entirely possible that Quake Champions ends up with a Generations-ish weapon set for various characters, which would defeat the purpose of us trying such a thing anyway.

Lastly, our team has shrunk to pretty much myself and a few beta testers.  We would need to rebuild a full studio-sized team to undertake work on just the media assets alone, not to mention the amount of program code that would need to be rewritten assuming that everything else fell into place.  There's no way I could do this by myself, and assembling a new team would be difficult.

As it stands, Generations Arena will continue development for Q3A.  It will be completed for Q3A.  Beyond that I cannot say anything more than I already have until more is learned, though discussion, as always, is welcome.

Server Back Up Again

The server is up and running again.  The power supply was failing and needed replacing after, oh, about a decade of constant use, and I decided to go ahead and transfer the rest of the guts to an updated and more efficient case.  It's quieter, cooler, and barring any more cranky old hardware issues, should be up and running for good.

Server Temporarily Down (again)

The Wirehead Generations server is temporarily down again as it needs to have some hardware swapped out.  I should have it back up in a few days.

Generations Server Back Up!

I've replaced the failing machine, and the server is back up and running on a faster computer.  Hopefully this is the last time for a while that I have to replace the server hardware.  I'd rather be coding!  Slipgate - Disappointed

Server Temporarily Down Again

The machine I'm using for the Wirehead .99f server has become severely unstable.  I have it shut down temporarily as it keeps crashing at random.  I'll be replacing it with another machine fairly soon.  Please be patient until then.  I'll post when the new and improved server machine is up and running.

Teaser Shots Redux

Sometimes a picture is worth more than any number of words, and while it's hard to show visually all the code changes going on we can show off a little bit of what we've been working on.  For 1.0, Generations will be offering full support for the Team Arena mission pack.  To run Generations Arena in Team Arena mode, it will require a legal copy of the Team Arena mission pack.  However, if you do not own the Team Arena mission pack you will still be able to play Generations Arena in its normal mode.  You do not need Team Arena to play Generations Arena as normal, only to play Generations Arena in Team Arena mode.  

That being said, here's a little taste of what's on the way.

There's more where that came from:

And how about some video to top it all off?  Keep in mind these are test footage - and the only gameplay video I've personally recorded to date.  I'm not a cinematographer. Slipgate - Wink

Test Video 1
Test Video 2

The first video is a game play test of the Heavy Chaingun and 1-Flag CTF mode for Team Arena.  Note that the Tesla Mine is not yet in place in that video.  You'll notice that Persistent Techs are in use in this video, as well as some classic sounds and gib effects.  You'll also see some fully-animated weapons from first-person view, and to a lesser extent, third-person.

The second video highlights the visuals on the Heavy Chaingun and Ion Gun.  Once again, the Tesla Mine has not been introduced at this point.

Now as for the weapons, here's a description of each.

Heavy Chaingun:  Note that the classic Doom Chaingun was referred to as Heavy Chaingun in .99f and prior.  That weapon is now just referred to as "Chaingun" since that was the classic name, and while not fired in the first video, you can see the item is in place on the Railgun spawn.  The Heavy Chaingun is Doom's answer to the Team Arena Chaingun, and fires 3 pellets per shot, putting it on part damage-wise with the Team Arena weapon.  It also has that nice beefy shotgun sound to it.

Ion Gun:  It's basically a long-range ion shotgun.  It fires 3 unstable plasma balls that inflict moderate damage at close range.  After about half a second of flight, they explode into ion spikes that travel much faster and overall inflict much greater damage than they do in ball form.  This is Doom's answer to the Team Arena nailgun.

Tesla Mine:  Not shown in the video, but present in the image gallery, these are hand-thrown dynamos that adhere to any surface and lash out with a steady stream of electrical energy at any unfortunate foe that wanders too close to them.  They'll attack and keep attacking until whatever they're zapping moves out of range or is reduced to a pile of steaming gibs, or the mine itself is destroyed.  An individual Tesla Mine isn't much of a threat.  Several clustered together are absolutely lethal.  Mines can be shot and blown up, and will explode after a short time as with other proximity-based weapons.  They do not deal much explosive damage, but you can attach them to other players and like another electricity-based weapon in Generations, they don't mix well with water.

In addition to the Doom Warriors, the other three original Generations will be receiving new weapons for use in Team Arena.  What those will be I won't say right now, but they're in the works and some of them may be very familiar once you see them.  All game play modes for Team Arena will be supported - Capture the Flag, 1 Flag, Harvester, and Overload all work.  The Kamikaze and Invulnerability powerups function as expected, and the ability to enable either Persistent Powerups or Persistent CTF techs adds even more depth and chaos to the game play.

Take a peek and let us know what you think!