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Makou gets a kill with the BFG9000!
Makou gets a kill with the BFG9000!

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About: WireHead Studios

WireHead Studios is an amateur video game studio focusing on "modification" games for the Quake series of action games. A modification game, or simply "mod", takes the graphics engine for an existing game (for example, Quake III Arena), and modifies the game content to create a slightly or even totally different game. Such mods are accepted, even applauded, by professional game companies such as id Software, creators of Quake. In a few cases, mods can become more popular than the original game.

No one at WireHead is paid for their position; everyone volunteers their services as a hobby. WireHead team members hail from across the globe; the vast majority of us have never seen one another in person. Regardless, thanks to the capabilities of the internet we maintain the bonds of communication necessary to pull a large-scale game together.

The goal of WireHead Studios from the very beginning has been simple. We wish to produce fun action games. We design the mods no other group dares to design. We challenge the fads, disregard the hype, and discard the conventions about what can and cannot be done. We make games we hope other people will want to play, because they're the games we want to play.

Witness the awesome might of Blast Arena, where players unleash the fury of nuclear armageddon on their opponents... and sometimes themselves. Join the eternal combat of Generations, as five generations of the greatest warriors of all time settle the score with their own weapons, on their own environments. Or jump on a futuristic hoverboard and cruise into Sliders, where the race can go to the swift, the strong... or the deadly.

And our current projects are only the beginning. Imagine the classic games of Doom, Quake, and Quake2. Now include 64-player support under the Generations Arena codebase, custom maps, and hundreds of monsters, each with their unique abilities. Add in a custom scripting system and full model support, and you have Resurgence.

Would you like to learn more about WireHead Studios? Are you interested in joining our efforts? Send an email to our team manager and producer, Lee'Mon!