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Generations: Whack-A-Doomer!
Generations: Whack-A-Doomer!

Forum Game 1/31/04
What's your favorite kind of frag?
Standard frags using weapons.
 [tally] 138
Forced cratering.
 [tally] 11
 [tally] 52
One-shot room-clearing carnage (BFG + Quad, etc).
 [tally] 61
 [tally] 10
 [tally] 39
Kamikaze grenade rush.
 [tally] 12
 [tally] 22
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Xypher's .plan

Last updated: 2010-08-10 12:40:03

08.10.2010 | Its been a grip!
I'm finally back around, and *very* slowly and carefully working on Sliders. Sure, its been 6 years, but I've learned much in that time. We'll be looking at a brand new game with Sliders. Forget the Quake 3 mod, this will be a crossplatform independent game! Drop suggestions on the forums!

08.17.2004 | Sliders Slacking Slo...Coder
I have to apologize guys, I've been hella slacking on Sliders. I suppose lack of support, any other sliders team members, etc has miffed me. I'm not a very good lone worker, like many of you, I need motivation too! Hopefully I'll get in the mood to tackle a few bugs and whatnot soon...

04.22.2004 | Hoverboard Model Implementation

Phoenix gracefully walked me through how to add models in the engine last night. Model/Skin loading seems to work fine, but the model refuses to display in-game. I suspect a tiny goofup in the code, which should be demolished tonight.