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Other Projects - Overview

WireHead Studios spends most of its time developing, testing and playing Generations Arena - it is our flagship modification. However, we have had - and will have - other projects on our tasklist. Some have been released, some have been temporarily stalled, but all have great potential for fun and frantic gaming.

Here's the list of projects WireHead is working on (or has released):


BFG10K Arena brings back the classic feel of the Quake2 BFG10K. The new BFG consumes 50 cells per shot, and takes two seconds to warm up. However, the results are well worth it.

The BFG10K shoots a massive green ball of plasma that travels slowly through the arena. As it moves, it shoots green lasers at all players it can see. When it finally hits, it explodes for massive blast damage. In addition, a "flash effect" takes place: If the lines of sight between the ball, the player, and a "victim" are all cleared, the victim takes damage.

Blast Arena

Blast Arena is the Q3A sequel to Blast Chamber, an exciting modification game ("mod") originally developed for Quake II. Blast Arena pits opponents against one another in a nuke-laden race to score points by subjecting their opponents to nuclear holocaust.

Players scour the level for a BlastKey, which activates the Blast Detonator. Once activated, the Blast Detonator counts down from ten before unleashing a nuclear explosion on the level, killing anyone not in a Blast Chamber.


Sliders is the sequel to the Quake I mod, "Slide." Quite simply, Sliders brings the high-speed thrills of futuristic hoverboarding to Quake III Arena.

Players spawn at the top of a downhill track. Upon walking/leaping through the start point, their characters will be equipped with a frictionless hoverboard, and begin to slide down the track. The object, simply, is to travel through the track and reach the end point as quickly as possible.