Slipgate Thunderbolt

Slipgate Thunderbolt

Description : Lightning in an easy-open case. Not to be used near open bodies of water, this weapon is all that remained of energy weapon research in the Dark Ages that followed the Doom Wars. Forget plasmas and ionic shockwaves, this gun just streams out raw electricity at high voltage and equally high current, frying anything on the other end of it.

Damage: 30
Rate of Fire: 600
Range: 768
Ammo Type: Cells
Special Features: Weapon will short-circuit if fired under water, consuming all ammo and inflicting severe damage to anything nearby.
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From: Gaunt (Fri Nov 26 15:17:39 2004)
these r Q1 weapons, so i will shoot this under water with god mode lol
From: Phoenix (Sat Jan 1 04:49:40 2005)
It's a shame the glass is opaque in the model viewer. The lightning effect inside the glass is really cool.

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