Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher

Description : For when a grenade absolutely positively has to be there on time. It fires fast and gets there faster, and has a massive concussive knockback. Great for knocking people off those ledges and into the lava.

Damage: 100 to 120
Rate of Fire: 75
Projectile Speed: 1000
Splash Damage: 120
Splash Radius: 120
Ammo Type: Rockets
Special Features: Heavy concussive force throws players.
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Excellent:34 votes
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Good:5 votes
Average:3 votes
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From: Gaunt (Fri Nov 26 15:14:19 2004)
R these QUAKE 1 weapons?
From: ~SpAwN~ (Sun Dec 26 15:32:07 2004)
From: Phoenix (Sat Jan 1 04:48:46 2005)
Spawn: You asleep? These are certainly Q1 weapons. :)
From: ~SpAwN~ (Thu Apr 21 03:04:20 2005)
Sarcasm is grand... I know these are q1 weapons. :)
From: Assamite (Wed Jul 12 02:16:00 2006)
No, they're NOT Q1 weapons. They're only PATTERNED AFTER them. ;) (Legal Eagle comes to save the day)

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