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Tesla Mines

Tesla Mines

Description : This device attaches to any surface and spins up an internal dynamo to deliver an electric shock to anything that gets too close. One Tesla Mine isn't very strong, but several can wear down an opponent's health in a hurry. Place them anywhere you don't want someone to be, even on enemies. They pass right through invulnerability spheres as well. They will short out and explode under water if something triggers one, so toss them in the wet stuff if you want to go fishing. Just be sure to stay out of the water yourself. They will explode if shot or damaged by explosives, or after the dynamo wears down. In Teamplay your team mates are safe from your own mines. Tesla Mines come in packs of 5.

Damage: 3
Splash Damage: 60
Splash Radius: 150
Rate of Fire (Mine): 600
Rate of Fire (Thrown): 35
Ammo Type: Mine Stack
Special Features: Can mine other players, explodes under water, juicy.
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