Forum Game 11/22/03  
Ready, PULL!

Ready, PULL!

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From: :) (Sun Nov 23 15:02:04 2003)
From: l4mby (Mon Nov 24 01:28:27 2003)
Haha ... Let's not play skeet w/ l4mby's again mmkay ? Bad pho ! But that's ok, he saw the wrath of my chainsaw shortly after. *evil grin* Bad pho ! =P
From: Phoenix (Sun Nov 30 08:11:23 2003)
I call this poetic justice that a bird gets to shoot humans out of the sky for once. ;)
From: ROADKILL (Sun Dec 14 17:34:09 2003)
I could win that.
I die more than anyone.
From: Angst (Tue Dec 30 02:39:46 2003)
I'll probably get it one of these days, I die in STYLE...

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