Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher

Description : Thumps neat exploding bombs into the air that bounce across the ground. The grenades explode either upon hitting their target, or after a short while. Try not to be standing nearby in either case, or the concussion will leave you standing a lot farther away if you live through it.

Damage: 100 to 120
Rate of Fire: 100
Projectile Speed: 600
Splash Damage: 120
Splash Radius: 120
Ammo Type: Rockets
Special Features: Heavy concussive force throws players.
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Position 9 overall, due to these votes:
Excellent:27 votes
Very Good:10 votes
Good:8 votes
Average:3 votes
Poor:4 votes

From: Phoenix (Thu Jan 19 16:01:33 2006)
You know, whoever keeps voting "poor" on these gun models is welcome to post their obviously superior work on our message boards so we can all see how your "mad skills" put us to shame.
From: ~SpAwN~ (Fri Mar 3 00:08:45 2006)
Some of the best gun models in the mod get 'poor' votes. This one in particular tho.. I can see some people voting poor on it (not me tho). But like the Slippy RL.. I think that model/skin is perfect, in every sense of the word.. yet it has more poor votes than this. :)
From: Phoenix (Tue Apr 25 01:57:03 2006)
When you consider the original model had all of 176 polygons and was basically a bunch of hexagons slapped together, that's not a lot to work with. Maybe someone has a different idea of what the guns should look like, but that's where artistic license and interpretation comes in.

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