Strogg Troopers  


Description : THIS is a Strogg Trooper's weapon of choice. Advancements in electromagnet technology and room-temperature superconductors allowed the UAC to create a portable device capable of accelerating depleted uranium slugs to near-light speeds. The railgun is recognized everywhere for its trademark spiral vapor trail, and the corpses - or rather parts of corpses - that it leaves behind.

Damage: 100
Rate of Fire: 38
Ammo Type: Slugs
Special Features: Penetrates multiple targets, Impressive Award.
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Position 10 overall, due to these votes:
Excellent:41 votes
Very Good:16 votes
Good:7 votes
Average:6 votes
Poor:3 votes

From: (Wed Jul 21 22:20:02 2004)
This is undoubtedly, the most focused, comcentrated weapon of all Time, only a True sharp shooter [Without AIM BOTS] is Man enuff to play with this, Light Speed Super Awesome weapon of distinction!
From: DOOM_er (Thu Feb 3 07:49:17 2005)
o/ Q2 Railgun o/
From: DOOM_er (Thu Feb 3 07:51:06 2005)
Peh. :P Quake 2 Railgun rules, is what I tried to say. ;) Probably my favorite Generations weapon, together with the DOOM Rocket Launcher. :)
From: NovAReapeR (Thu Jan 12 18:32:55 2006)
brings back memories.... AHAHAHAH THAT GUY GOT SHOT IN THE HEAD WITH A RAILGUN... wait you guys are listening right? o.O
From: Assamite (Thu Jul 20 00:57:06 2006)
Does it still do 125, or was it nerfed to 100, per the 99f manual? And if it WAS nerfed, doesn't that make it weaker than the Q3 rail due to slower speed?
From: Visimar (Wed Aug 30 15:09:53 2006)
As far as I've noticed, Assamite, it does 100. If I remember correctly when Tab's handicap is set to 80 I take 80 damage.

But it's easier to handle too, IMO. I dunno how big the hitbox for the Strogg Railgun is, but it seems to hit a lot easier than the Arena Railgun.
From: Phoenix (Wed Dec 27 17:23:28 2006)
Whoops! I never changed the damage value in the description. Fixed now. It does 100 damage, same as Arena's. What you may not know is Arena's railgun can only punch through 4 players max. Strogg's can go through 8. I know it's unlikely to hit 4-8 people with one shot, but it can happen.

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