Strogg Troopers  


Description : The UAC also recovered the remnants of the first BFG9000, but they were unable to recreate the original subspace effect of the gun. Undaunted, they developed a new plasma system that used focused ionic streams to branch out and strike everyone but the owner. When the ball detonates, the gun uses these ionic streams ( from the gun to the ball ) to blast a second concentrated ionic shockwave out at anyone unfortunate enough to be too close to the ball when it hits. As well, anything with a bio-electrical signature that stands too close and disrupts the magnetic field of the ball when it drifts past will be singed by a tracer of hot plasma. There's no hiding from the BFG10K.

Damage: See Below
Rate of Fire: 25
Ammo Type: Cells

Damage: 200
Projectile Speed: 450
Splash Damage: 200
Splash Radius: 100

Tracer Lasers
Damage: 5
Rate of Damage: 600
Range: 256

Special Features: Charges up before firing. Tracer lasers, Radius "flash" effect upon projectile impact, damage variable. Uses 50 cells per shot.
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From: Footman (Sun Apr 25 00:40:11 2004)
Now that's some SERIOUS firepower!
From: IceDragonVisy (Sun Jul 9 13:15:35 2006)
What's odd is that at times I ENJOY BFG-jumping with this. =D
From: arnold (Thu Nov 2 07:10:55 2006)
musclebound weapon
From: nu-kote (Thu Jan 11 03:28:54 2007)
this gun is the best

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