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Didn't we see something like this in "Labyrinth"?

Didn't we see something like this in "Labyrinth"?

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From: Dicion (Tue Mar 2 01:37:35 2004)
omg that movie was lame... 80's dressed girl goes after baby into wierd dream labrynth, and in the end, beats the boss by yelling at him what every kid yells at their parents 100 times in their life.. and then proceeds to get smacked down. "you have no power over me" my ass boy! *SMACK*... Okay, I'm done
From: Tekhead (Tue Mar 2 04:04:38 2004)
What were you guys smoking when you made these captions? o_O
From: Dicion (Tue Mar 2 07:19:24 2004)
Whatever it was, I want some.. cuz if it made con think this was a Good caption... then its some STRONG shit...
From: admin (Tue Mar 2 12:40:55 2004)
Phoenix made all the captions
From: admin (Tue Mar 2 14:59:41 2004)
I was referring to the guy walking upside down you gits! _
From: Tekhead (Tue Mar 2 15:11:12 2004)
I see the Q1 guy taking "Fire in the Hole!" to a whole new level
From: Tekhead (Tue Mar 2 15:11:43 2004)
It kinda explains where he keeps all that ammo O_o
From: Phoenix (Fri Mar 5 23:45:49 2004)
Considering all the "rocket-riding" he did in Quake 1, why am I not surprised?

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