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Looks like someone's having a revelation!

Looks like someone's having a revelation!

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From: admin (Sun Dec 14 02:26:05 2003)
God: I shall impart wisdom upon thee!
Hunter: Oh Lord, show me the truth!
God: Your breasts are impossible large.
Hunter: Oh Lord, don't I know it!
From: Kain-Xavier (Sun Dec 14 02:40:53 2003)
Better to have smitten and been smited than to have never smitten at all. :)
From: Phoenix (Sun Dec 14 03:00:18 2003)
"Ooooohhh, it's soooooo pretty!"
From: admin (Sun Dec 14 04:30:05 2003)
What? Her boobs?
From: Phoenix (Sun Dec 14 06:32:13 2003)

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