Newborn Baby!  
Rise and shine!

Rise and shine!

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From: Phoenix (Wed Mar 31 04:21:55 2004)
I swear, this kid looks like Yoda.
From: Footman (Wed Mar 31 04:25:27 2004)

.....Don't look at me like that, he really does look like ET!
From: rzareckta (Wed Mar 31 22:43:47 2004)
ugly baby, sorry.
From: me (Tue Jun 22 15:40:42 2004)
All babies are cute because God created them. Shame on you for saying this baby is ugly.
From: wagok (Sat Nov 27 06:03:41 2004)
cute baby! i didn't think that you would have reproduced so well and just so adorable! good job and congratulations!
From: Dooper (Fri Mar 25 21:18:14 2005)
From: Little Washu (Thu Apr 7 18:12:59 2005)
That's rude calling a cute baby "ugly".

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