crazy.joe Doom w/red lights

crazy.joe Doom w/red lights

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From: UltimiteDooM (Tue Feb 24 16:11:01 2004)
That is the most Coolest Pic of DooM i have ever seen...
From: frightfan@hotmail.com (Fri Sep 10 10:30:26 2004)
Great image... though I would leave off the highlight around the Doom Soldier. It would be better to have him naturally lit by the two bulbs. The red in the picture doesn't look like light.
From: Gnam (Mon Oct 11 12:41:13 2004)
I like the red, but I think the red outline around the shotgun is too stark and should be more subtle.
From: c3rb` (Mon Nov 15 17:47:59 2004)
Pretty good pic, (luv the letters on the wall) but i don't think the red highlight around Doom is needed.

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