Map Name : wvwq3dm7
Original Game : n/a
Generation : Earth Soldiers
Found In : Mappack #3
Author : wviperw
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Excellent:4 votes
Great:3 votes
Good:One vote
Average:One vote
Poor:One vote

From: ConfusedUs (Sat Feb 7 03:12:30 2004)
I've yet to play this in a forum game. =(
From: ConfusedUs (Mon Feb 23 17:41:27 2004)
I've now played it in a forum game. :)
From: Dicion (Sat Feb 28 17:16:24 2004)
and how was it?
From: admin (Tue Mar 2 00:32:17 2004)
I love this map! :D
From: Assamite (Fri Aug 13 04:29:00 2004)
And I don't. :( It's totally unplayable!
From: Phoenix (Sun Aug 22 03:47:46 2004)
Buy some decent hardware then. This map is awesome!
From: Assamite (Sat Sep 18 01:57:39 2004)
Hardware is FAR from the issue. It's the TREES, durnit! Not very friendly to rocketeers.

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