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SPLEORCH! Goes the azzkicker

SPLEORCH! Goes the azzkicker

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From: Tekhead (Sun Nov 23 18:44:01 2003)
Quadded Doom chainguns are my worst fear in Gen =x
From: admin (Sun Nov 23 19:49:35 2003)
Even more than quadded Dual Gats?
From: Tekhead (Sun Nov 23 20:38:49 2003)
Chaingun is pinpoint accurate if you feather the trigger, and with quad it's like an automatic railgun - deadly as hell at any range.
From: admin (Sun Nov 23 22:17:15 2003)
True. But quad dualgats at close to mid range will own that chaingun. Four bullets x 10 damage each x 4(quad) = 160 damage for one press of the trigger. ;)
From: Tekhead (Mon Nov 24 00:18:43 2003)
What Doomer uses a chaingun at close range? If you're gonna pull out some figures, I will too ;p

For close range, a SSG deals a max of 176 damage - 22 pellets at 8 damage each. Each pellet quadded deals 32 damage, killing most anything in one shot if at least 5 pellets hit. The probability of that happening from close to mid range is very high :) Also, the damage is instantaneous

It's very, very hard to outdamage the Doom guy :p
From: Phoenix (Sun Nov 30 08:15:34 2003)
Especially the red ones. ;)

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