2006-07-30 Forum Game (1600x1200 4x AA, 8xAF)  
Corpses lining up for the quaded.

Corpses lining up for the quaded.

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From: Kingu (Mon Jul 31 05:54:44 2006)
Not wearing helmets around quad can be hazardus, just look at bluedoom head.
From: Visimar (Mon Jul 31 17:41:13 2006)
That would be me right there, Kingu. ;)
From: Phoenix (Sun Aug 20 23:19:21 2006)
Ahh yes, cg_headmodels 0 here, though Sorlag head on a Doom body isn't a bad combination.
From: Visimar (Mon Sep 4 03:30:38 2006)
I've been using that for a bit actually, but since my recent Q3A name change it's no longer liable.

I need a canine-ish head model to compensate now. =(
From: Phoenix (Fri Sep 8 02:58:27 2006)
Or you could just change your name back. :)

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