2006-07-30 Forum Game (1600x1200 4x AA, 8xAF)  
Q3DM18: Flying lessons not included

Q3DM18: Flying lessons not included

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From: Kingu (Mon Jul 31 05:45:00 2006)
As we see Skippy don't need flying lessons.
From: ~SpAwN~ (Sun Aug 20 04:41:17 2006)
That's his mid-air, Matrix, rail dodge maneuver..

From: Phoenix (Sun Aug 20 23:16:50 2006)
But the real story here is Grunt in the background swinging that Quakeguy around to deflect that rocket.
From: Visimar (Fri Sep 1 22:59:42 2006)
You all comment on the way Ranger's death pose looks funny, but not with Bitterman and Razor when they practically do the same thing? Poor Bitterman and Razor...Slippy's stealing all the attention. T_T

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