2006-07-30 Forum Game (1600x1200 4x AA, 8xAF)  
Phoenix launches a rocket straight into Scalli's hip.

Phoenix launches a rocket straight into Scalli's hip.

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From: Phoenix (Sat Jul 29 23:40:42 2006)
Why the hell am I blue? Those aren't even my colors! Sure that's not someone else?
From: Tab (Sat Jul 29 23:44:30 2006)
Could be Visimar? I thought it was you, though..
From: Visimar (Sat Jul 29 23:58:59 2006)
That's the color that I use, but I think the issue's with the defer players thing. It's definately Pho, otherwise my name would've appeared at the top instead.
From: Visimar (Sun Jul 30 00:01:14 2006)
On the second look...Pho's actually right in front, obscured by the explosion. I'm closest to the camera, so I can see the confusion there. Darn bird stole my kill!
From: Phoenix (Sun Jul 30 00:32:29 2006)
I was about to say, skins defer but Quakeworld Colors do not!
From: Visimar (Sun Jul 30 22:36:31 2006)
Speaking of such, just how do you use the Quakeworld colors on the Ranger skin? *Doesn't feel like nosing through the Generations Arena manual*
From: RTFMite (Mon Jul 31 00:52:17 2006)
They should already be set. Just go adjust your rail colors.
From: Phoenix (Sun Aug 20 23:10:27 2006)
You have to enable the colorization, and it only shows on the default Ranger skin. cg_playercolorlevel has to be greater than 0 to show them. Try a value like 128-190 and watch what happens.

I also noticed that's a STROGG rocket hitting Scalliano, so I was Strogg at the time and the rocket came from a different direction than Qguy there.

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