2005 August 9 forum game  
That's one UGLY Doomer...

That's one UGLY Doomer...

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From: Kingu (Wed Aug 10 19:37:00 2005)
As ugly as DooM zombies, but more dangerous, and has strogg tatoo.
I's my new Doom/head compilation, hope you enjoy. [:
From: Tab (Wed Aug 10 19:38:42 2005)
I hate that Doom skin, it is bland, dull. But the combination works well :]
From: Kingu (Wed Aug 10 19:40:14 2005)
A bit of thinking,aditional comment. Now we know how would looklike a rocketlauncher zombie. ;) ...
From: Phoenix (Thu Aug 11 09:59:45 2005)
Yet another reason I'm glad I coded that cvar to disable headmodels...

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