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Ion Gun

Ion Gun

Description : Always trying to develop new tech, the UAC developed the Ion Gun in an attempt to replace the effective yet old-fashioned gunpowder-based shotguns still used by its security forces. The Ion Gun is a modified Plasma Rifle that fires three unstable projectiles simultaneously at a slight horizontal spread. After a short distance these explode into a spray of much more damaging ion bolts that fly forward very fast. Think of it as a long-range energy shotgun and use it as such. As it is still in the experimental stage, the energy used by the Ion Gun is not compatible with the Plasma Rifle or BFG9000 at this time. Uses a modified energy cell pack.

Spike Damage: 225 (15 x 5 spikes x 3 bolts)
Ball Damage: 60 (20 x 3 bolts)
Rate of Fire: 56
Ammo Type: Ion Cell Pack
Special Features: Higher damage potential at range.
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