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Description : The first Big Freakin' Gun. Originally designed by the UAC as just a massive plasma cannon, and based partly around physics discovered by studying the Gateways on the two moons of Mars, it had some unusual and unexpected side effects. The gun unleashes a gigantic plasma blast that sets up a quantum ripple in space around the gun and shooter. When the ball detonates, an ionic blast erupts from the gun in the same direction as the original shot, striking all victims in sight. The giant plasma ball is not to be trifled with, either. It takes a second to charge up and fire, but the BFG9000's unusual properties also shield you from the blast, so charge it up and get in close, then let them have it!

Damage: 400
Rate of Fire: 53
Projectile Speed: 875
Splash Damage: 0
Splash Radius: 0
Ammo Type: Cells
Special Features: Charges up before firing. Conical "flash" effect from player upon projectile detonation. Damage variable. Uses 40 cells per shot.
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From: ConfusedUs (Sat Feb 7 03:15:28 2004)
Phoenix has upload a demo showing how to properly use the BFG9000
From: Assamite (Fri Aug 13 06:44:12 2004)
Can we have a 99e update for the demo?
From: Phoenix (Sun Sep 26 07:03:22 2004)
Sure, I just have to record a new one.

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