Doom Warriors  


Description : Gauntlets are for wimps, find some meat! Rev this baby up and shred whatever gets too close. Great for when you're out of ammo, and even greater if the other guy is. Originally built for construction by the UAC, soldiers learned the potential of the these metal-cutting chainsaws for massive carnage in melee combat. The blade grabs opponents and pulls them into the deadly teeth, making it hard to get away once the saw makes contact. The sound of a fully-revved Chainsaw has struck terror into many a gladiator.

Damage: Variable
Rate of Fire: 1053
Range: 64
Ammo Type: None (melee)
Special Features: Spawn weapon, "grabs" other players.
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Position 9 overall, due to these votes:
Excellent:31 votes
Very Good:2 votes
Good:9 votes
Average:6 votes
Poor:One vote

From: Macvilewhore (Fri Nov 14 06:58:55 2003)
From: De-Style (Mon Aug 16 06:34:22 2004)
UnReal :)))))))))))))))))
From: NovAReapeR (Thu Jan 12 23:36:35 2006)
From: [KruzadeR] (Fri Jul 7 13:31:23 2006)
What, no COFFEE?

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