Earth Soldiers  


Description : Your sidearm, and not much else. It's accurate at long ranges, but doesn't pack much of a punch. Good for picking off a weakened, fleeing opponent.

Damage: 10
Rate of Fire: 150
Ammo Type: Bullets
Special Features: Spawn Weapon.
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Position 10 overall, due to these votes:
Excellent:12 votes
Very Good:7 votes
Good:7 votes
Average:2 votes
Poor:6 votes

From: Phoenix (Wed Aug 11 16:18:35 2004)
I promise to make this gun a bit more useful in 1.0.
From: ConfusedUs (Thu Aug 12 01:24:53 2004)
Perhaps with first-shot accuracy or some other feature?
From: ~SpAwN~ (Sat Aug 19 03:23:36 2006)
Greater damage the closer an enemy is to you? Altho that's probably impossible and unrealistic, even in a DM game.. :)

(Idea stolen from the wolf3d guards who used pistols)
From: Phoenix (Sun Aug 20 23:04:59 2006)
No, not impossible nor unrealistic. Bullets do more damage at point blank than at great distance since they have more energy close in - especially pistol rounds. I had actually thought along those lines, and a damage curve based on a vectorlength is extremely easy to do. We'll see.

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