Earth Soldiers  
Gatling Gun/Dual Gatling Guns

Gatling Gun/Dual Gatling Guns

Description : Single Gat
Now THIS is a machinegun. It cuts your opponents to ribbons very quickly and is fairly accurate at medium ranges. It also consumes ammunition rapidly, so make sure you've got plenty at hand. For when one person absolutely has to die right now.

Damage: 10
Rate of Fire: 857
Ammo Type: Bullets


Dual Gatling Guns

Description: Flaming death! These are for when EVERYTHING in the room has to die RIGHT NOW. When a player picks up a second Gat (or happens to find two laying around), the real firepower begins. Of course, anything but full ammo and it's gonna be a short firefight. They will pulverize opponents at an insane speed and eat your ammunition away faster than you can blink. The spread is wide so get in close and get as many people in your sights as you can.

Damage: 10 (per gun)
Rate of Fire: 1714 (857 x 2 guns)
Ammo Type: Bullets
Special Features: Akimbo Gatling Guns. Uses 2 bullets per shot, 1 per each gun.
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