Earth Soldiers  
Napalm Launcher

Napalm Launcher

Description : Start up a Barbecue! Napalm in gel form that vaporizes into burning clouds that stick to anything - walls, liquid surfaces, and especially other players. It can set things on fire and leave them burning. This includes you. Health packs and water help to put the flames out, and armor helps shield the heat so you're less likely to burn. Useless underwater, so don't waste your ammo in the wet stuff.

Damage: See below
Rate of Fire: 1000
Ammo Type: Napalm
Special Features: Can set players on fire. Cannot be fired underwater. Armor decreases chances of being set on fire. Waist-high water and health artifacts help to slow burning and put flames out.

Damage: Variable, based on range (8 to 24)
Range: 132

Damage: Variable, based on cloud size (4 to 2)
Rate of Damage: 600
Projectile Speed: 650
Cloud Max Radius: 64
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From: Phoenix (Thu Jan 19 15:34:32 2006)
Ironically, it's the only weapon I really fear while playing.

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