Earth Soldiers  


Description : This cousin to the Mortar Launcher works the same, looks roughly the same, but fires special thermobaric incendiary shells. A concussive blast disperses fuel vapor that rapidly ignites and chars anything within the blast radius. This one-two explosive punch is usually enough to wipe out an opponent with a single well-placed shot and can wreak havoc on a group of hostiles trying to invade your territory. Due to their higher impulse pressure the ammunition is not compatible with the standard mortar, nor is standar mortar ammunition compatible with the Hellstorm. Not for use in close quarters!

Damage: 100 to 120
Splash Damage: 75
Splash Radius 120
Napalm Damage: 20
Napalm Splash Damage: 20
Napalm Splash Radius: 50
Rate of Fire: 33
Ammo Type: Incendiary Shells
Special Features: Sets enemies on fire.
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