Strogg Troopers  


Description : The USMC decided to switch back to standard powder and bullet-based weapons after the Slipgate War, but never recovered the inertial stabilization technology pioneered on Mars base. In any case, this light bullet-fed weapon has a decent rate of fire and provides a decent rate of damage. Efficient and effective against lightly or unarmored opponents.

Damage: 8
Rate of Fire: 600
Ammo Type: Bullets
Special Features: Spawn weapon.
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From: admin (Sat Jul 1 08:33:11 2006)
This is the updated Strogg machinegun.
From: Phoenix (Tue Jul 4 08:21:12 2006)
Makes me want to go on a shooting spree... in the Arenas Eternal of course. :)
From: Assamite (Wed Jul 12 02:21:05 2006)
Much improved over That of the Huge Rifle Butt, no offense intended to the creator of the original model. Who was that, anyway?
From: Phoenix (Wed Jul 12 15:23:06 2006)
That would be Hedhunta, who also did the Strogg Blaster, Shotgun, SSG, Grenade Launcher, and Rocket Launcher models. I modeled the new Machinegun, Chaingun, Hyperblaster, and the BFG10K. Renalicious did the railgun, and Tabun did the Hand Grenades. Tab skinned all of them, of course.

Hed really didn't have a lot to work with, and I was never really happy with the model as a result. I don't consider the old machinegun a reflection on his skills, as his other models are quite good. The problem with the Quake 2 models was that the 3rd-person machinegun was difficult to understand visually, and the first-person model was so radically different it wasn't terribly useful as a pattern either. That makes it hard on the modeler to translate it well. I tried to interpret the features of both, while throwing in some real-world weapons knowledge to make something that looked believable as a weapon and also distinctly "Quake 2" in appearance, while keeping in sync with our existing style.
From: (Sat Dec 23 10:22:44 2006)

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