Strogg Troopers  


Description : Somewhere within the UAC's twisted labs someone finally invented a better mouse trap... or in this case, a better Strogg trap. It's easy to use, too - Just push the button and throw it. Like a grenade, the longer you hold it the farther you will throw it, but don't hold onto it too long or it will short out and blow up in your hands. Once it comes to a rest it will open up and lie in wait. The Trap emits a quantum particle distortion field that shreds both machine and living tissue and converts it into solidified bio-energy for easy consumption. The resultant "power cube" provides a 50 point health boost above and beyond your normal limit. The Trap also emits a tractor field that sucks in any unfortunate fool to get too close to it - making it extremely dangerous for both potential victims and the user: It doesn't care what it sucks in, so stand back once you throw it. The particle field makes them pretty easy to spot, but anyone caught unawares is guaranteed a quick gibbing. If you see one laying around you can blow it up but it may take several shots as they're pretty rugged. It will overheat and explode for considerable damage after being active for about 30 seconds. You can only carry 5 of these dangerous toys at a time and they're packed individually, so place them carefully. Throw one into an Invulnerability sphere for extra gibs.

In Teamplay, traps are fitted with a new discriminator circuit that prevents the particle field and tractor emitters from grabbing team mates. Pay attention to the colors to determine whether the Trap is from friend or foe. Traps are found individually and require no ammunition.

Damage: Gibtastic
Rate of Fire: N/A
Projectile Speed: Variable
Splash Damage: 120
Splash Radius: 165
Special Features: Lies in wait and sucks in its victim.
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