Strogg Troopers  
Ion Ripper

Ion Ripper

Description : This unusual weapon fires boomerang-shaped energy projectiles at a cost of 2 cells per shot. They will bounce off any solid surface and keep bouncing until they hit something that you want to hurt or dissipate after a few seconds. While it lacks the rapid-fire saturation of the Slipgaters' Laser Cannon, you can't hurt yourself with the ricochet and the ripper projectiles are much more precise in their flight path. Bounce them around corners in tight confines for maximum effect. Like other Strogg Trooper energy guns, the Ion Ripper will rip through enemy armor more effectively than other types of weapons. Shares cells with the Hyperblaster and BFG10K.

Damage: 30
Rate of Fire: 200
Projectile Speed: 500
Ammo Type: Cells
Special Features: Shots ricochet off any solid object. Uses 2 cells per shot.
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