Strogg Troopers  
Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher

Description : For when you want to shoot grenades farther or faster than you can by hand. The Strogg grenade launcher might be a bit slow to fire, but the grenades themselves have a huge blast radius and are packed with explosives.

Damage: 120
Rate of Fire: 50
Projectile Speed: 600
Splash Damage: 120
Splash Radius: 160
Ammo Type: Grenades
Special Features: None.
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From: ~SpAwN~ (Wed May 4 15:25:24 2005)
Errrr... this doesn't look like the earth mortar. @_o
From: NovAReapeR (Thu Jan 12 18:35:26 2006)
that is definatly a grenade launcher xD
From: Phoenix (Thu Jan 19 17:23:20 2006)
Whoops! It had the wrong description, and I didn't catch it until now.

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