Strogg Troopers  


Description : This massive 6-barreled death machine is second only to the Earth Soldier's Dual Gats in terms of bullet-based firepower. It takes a while to spin up to full speed, but the results are well worth it. Paired with a Quad, this is absolutely devastating. It's also devastating to your ammo supply. It's best used in sustained attacks where there's little room to hide.

Damage: 8
Rate of Fire: 1800 (full speed)
Ammo Type: Bullets
Special Features: Long spinup and spindown time.
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From: ~SpAwN~ (Wed May 4 15:23:44 2005)
RoF: 1800? I'll assume that's per minute... 30 per second. No wonder this is probably my favorite gun. It's very close to actual miniguns! :D
From: Phoenix (Thu Jul 6 00:03:20 2006)
Yes, all fire rates are in rounds per minute. With the Time Accelerator tech, it fires twice as fast, which is 3600 rounds per minute. The usual speed of an M-134 minigun is around 3000 rpm, maximum 4000 rpm, so with the Time Accelerator it's up right up there!
From: ~SpAwN~ (Sat Aug 19 03:13:50 2006)
In my research from years ago, you could fire them at either 66 or 33 rounds per second. 66 is 3960 rounds per minute.. while 33 is 1980. That's why I said it was very close, being 1800.

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