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Check your six l4mby!

Check your six l4mby!

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From: Phoenix (Tue Mar 16 10:30:21 2004)
If I ever get a lot of money this girl is getting a top-notch video card, top-notch soundcard, and some VERY comfortable headphones to boot.
From: l4mby (Tue Mar 16 16:04:06 2004)
LOL ! Awww ... *huggles Pho*

I do need to watch my back more, I've been getting better, but it's hard when you've got ppl from both ends. Perhaps I should start taking some demos so that you can look at em and give me pointers. *shrug*
From: dna (Tue Mar 16 16:17:57 2004)
Don't worry L4amby, Con's given it to me from behind as well. It's not so bad once you get used to it...
From: Tekhead (Tue Mar 16 18:40:41 2004)
So THAT'S why Con likes gen so much...
From: l4mby (Wed Mar 17 14:01:40 2004)
*nods* Was there any doubt tek ?
From: Tekhead (Thu Mar 18 03:25:52 2004)
No doubt, just denial :(

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