Custom Games 3/9/04  
What a world!  What a world!

What a world! What a world!

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From: admin (Tue Mar 9 00:39:04 2004)
From: MantiCore (Tue Mar 9 00:39:31 2004)
Some environments are better suited for swimming than others..
From: Kain-Xavier (Tue Mar 9 03:29:57 2004)
Caution, do not consume large amounts of alcohol or you could be drowned by your own upheavel.
From: Angst (Tue Mar 9 11:41:30 2004)
Why are they always diving in to the SHALLOW end?!
From: Tekhead (Tue Mar 9 14:10:06 2004)
Old_Fart tried to take his well wish back.

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